Do you want to secure your home or your premises against theft or just watch over your relatives from anywhere?

CAMTRACK is the solution for you, a wonderful surveillance system, simple to install and use.

CCTV systems are powerful tools of deterrence and optimization. Thus, local protected by CCTV cameras will bring you:

An active deterrence of acts of malveillance.slide-camtrack21

– A reduction of costs.

Strengthening the feeling of security.

– Optimization of production.

Better management of time and attendance.

CAMTRACK offers a solution consisting of a physical and video surveillance software.



This solution supports the transmission, monitoring and video recording, as well as the management of data associated with it.

CAMTRACK CCTV products offer compatibility with unconstrained multi-vendor devices, allowing to implement advanced monitoring systems at competitive prices.

CAMTRACK video surveillance solution includes the following components:


  1. IP Equipments and accessories sytem:systeme-alarme-evolutif-68352620
    • Wireless technology. (wifi, 3G)
    • High quality images. (HD)
    • Use of existing network.
  2. Analog equipment and accessories:
    • Cost reduction.
    • Wide range.
    • Flexible setup.
  3. Hybrid equipment and accessories
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