CAMTRACK helps transport companies to develop significant competitive advantages: Tracking of vehicles and drivers for better control and optimal management; software planning solutions, management and optimization of transport missions; online interview followed, reports and alerts to facilitate fleet management and maintenance.


Lower the costs
– Reduce maintenance costs and operational costs
– Reduce fuel consumption
Secure your fleet from accidents, theft and vehicle breakdowns
– Reduce overtime or overnight
– Monitor the impact of vehicles and trailers to eliminate excessive use

Increase security
Improve the skills and behavior of your drivers to increase security and reduce costs
– Prohibit phone calls that may affect the behavior of drivers
Help in emergencies

Strengthen your company image
An effective and timely service
Increase customer satisfaction by significant reactivity

Increase productivity
– Perform in any mission effectiveness with an overview of your fleet, schedules and constraints
– Anticipate and avoid loss of time, long waiting times, time on site, inefficient routes and drivers lost
– Know what’s happening on the ground, understand and react to a given situation
– Improve the management and use of trailers
– Improve your transport using or selling the unused space within the vehicles
– Monitor the exact cost of your transport and subcontracting
– Remotely control the temperature and provide remote alerts within the vehicle (eg cold chain.).
Improve internal procedures
– Dispatch missions with accurate data and without unnecessary administrative writings. Centralization of documents (ex. Delivery, goods loaded)
– Effectively and quickly process orders and invoices
– Quickly resolve customer disputes with evidence and accurate information
– Have a complete history of your fleet (rental, deliveries, drivers …)



You can identify in real time the location of your vehicle on a map, in case of any event or problem. Many other parameters may be obtained including the deflection of roads, the locations of the loads, the time spent on a place.

Equipment in the vehicle
Tachograph discs and VDO
Disk drive and software
Remote downloading
Consumption meter
Tanks Control System
Limiting and speed regulators
Weight distribution control system
Shock sensor
• Control Camera

Vehicle control system and driver
Connected to the odometer or hour meter, tachograph, Can-Bus, fuel level or other information of the vehicle or trailer help you collect and legal and operational informations.

• Fuel Meter
• Trailer Identification
• Shock Sensor
Additional temperature sensor
Fuel theft detector

Communication anywhere and for any environment.
Both in the desert or any urban area, we provide effective communication solution. Within your fleet of vehicles, communication systems can be adapted to your needs.

CAMTRACK Tracking & Maintenance
(Time tracking vehicles and drivers, location, alerts, reminders log book information service of vehicles and drivers).
Software Administrative, Technical and Integrated Financial (ERP)
Reports (on demand, scheduled, personalized analysis tools):



• Statistiques

Training Planning & Dispatching.
Effective conduct in terms of safety for drivers (SAFED)
Site services (installation, audits, consulting)
Maintenance contracts and / or Monitoring

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