As part of its business of turnkey systems integrator for telecom operators, CamTrack has partnered with leaders in the field and provides a complete solution from start to finish “Next Generation Networks”, providing transportation, the local loop and the services of telco network.

Broadband Wireless Mobile WiMAX 802.16e (2.3, 2.5, 3.5 GHZ)

The SAMSUNG radio solution provides fast connection to residential and business access to the local loop operator networks.

Subscriber access loop (aDSL)

The managed multi service access systems KEYMILE and CECI for Telecom Operators, provide traffic concentration of services on the wired access loop for residential and business subscribers.

SIP applications with high added value from the company STREAMWIDE

This option provides a converged VoIP and data solution (in pre-tax payment, vocaus servers and voicemail SIP).

WiMAX AAA platform

It is used to authenticate, authorize and account data subscribers.

Gateway Softswitch and NGN (VoIP Class 4 and Class 5)

The Next Generation telephony platform allows THOMSON and CIRPACK Telecom operators to manage a chassis up 230,000 subscribers.

Complete IPTV Infrastructure

IPTV encoder middleware, set-top boxes and VOD servers.

Network Infrastructure Elements

FH native backhauling IP DRAGONWAVE, firewall, router, bandwidth manager, switch, monitoring devices for all the bricks of the solution and environmental equipment (19 “racks, wiring, energy, etc ..).

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