Need to protect your property against criminals? Secure without delay all of your assets and premises using our customized solutions. An alarm system can only come in support of vigilance, it can not replace it.

Because it is essential to ensure the safety of goods and people into your business, CamTrack offers a wide range of security systems and burglar alarm for your needs.

Whether to protect your goods, to ensure the confidentiality of your information or to provide a safe working environment for your employees, CamTrack intervenes on installing burglar alarms in your business.

To protect your home, your business, we can put you up for several anti-intrusion systems with different actions and several ways of possible detections.
The anti-intrusion alarms:

There are two types of anti-intrusion alarms: the wireless and the wired. They are both, most often delivered in a pack with anti-intrusion alarm panel, an integrated siren, an opening detector and movement as well as a remote control and a wall keyboard to activate and deactivate the alarm.

The alarm is an effective solution against intrusions that detects intruders to stay in your office or your home. It often helps prevent burglary, either through a sound deterrent, but also a call to a recipient list to alert when triggered or directly to a monitoring station that will act accordingly to the proposed services.


The different detection means:

The interior sensors (with or without camera, whether infrared or not)
The external sensors
The external barriers
The glass breakage detectors
The shock sensors
Soil clogs
Etc …

These systems implement a protection that can be volumetric, perimeter, or both.
For example, a perimeter protection allows you to move at night while continuing to be protected.

A multifunction alarm with multiple commands can:

It is now possible to graft several modules controlled by your control panel or to control it:

– Badges
– Remotes
– SOS bips
– SOS pedals
– Indoor sirens
– Outdor sirens
– Flood detectors
– Gas detectors
– Smoke detectors
Crime scene - criminal thief or burglar hand in gloves holding metal crowbar break opening home door lock
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