The oil and gas industry is an activity where the primary concern is to ensure the safety and security of all road transport activities. Our solutions help our customers to manage and reduce risk (in accordance with HSE policy), control costs and manage planning tasks more efficiently.
We specialize in systems and services adapted to harsh environments and complex operations.

People’s Safety


Reduce risk exposure, accidents and eliminate fatalities.
Enable rapid and effective response in case of problems.
Identify problems to solve or anticipate.

Operational Risks

Control risks associated with the various transport operations.
Control and reduce damage when an incident occurs.
Ensure legal compliance.

Standards and Transport Policiesslide-camtrack41

– Improve operational procedures and efficiency of transport use.
– Planning and maintenance standards met.
Vehicles operating rules clear, accurate and consistent.
Clear responsibilities during transport or logistical problems.


Motivating employees through training and recognition of skills.
Reduce pollution and improve the well-being through optimized movement and better vehicle maintenance.
Enhancing the company’s image.

Vehicle and Driver Control System

Driving risk control, manage access and certification of drivers (and vehicles).
Provides driving status reports and assessments to management.
Alerts the driver inside the vehicle.
Options: shock sensor (monitoring of shock, dangerous bends trigger an alert in case of accident).
safety equipment in the vehicle

Géolocation + Alert Button

Safety vehicle equipment

  • Rollbars Atex Installation • Accident Recorder • Speed limiters and controllers Gas detector Shock detector Weight control system • Breathalyzer Immobilizer Tachograph control camera • Remote download Disk drive.

Communication anywhere and for any environment

In desert or urban areas, we provide effective communication solution:
– Radio short range for a free download of all data as soon as vehicles are close to your sites.
Satellite link for real-time communication, and an alert button for remote areas.
– GSM for real-time communication in the regions covered by the mobile network.
Integration with your own communication systems.

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