An equipment easy to install, a web Interactive solution, no software required, innovation at your service

To reduce operating costs and keep your drinks, choose your fuel management:imagesCAFKY934

  • Manage fuel supply of your site easily and efficiently
  • Reduce operating costs via telemetry
  • Follow your consumption tank to tank
  • Reduce urgent deliveries
  • Affect your fuel stocks just in time for better performance
  • To engage a targeted policy of reduction of fuel expense.
  • Detect any abnormal effortless fuel consumption (email & sms alert).
  • Manage your product inventory and your deliveries according to predefined thresholds (low alert thresholds).
  • Generate statistics by site, by region, by product for the periods of your choice

A simple and practical solution

  • A fuel level sensor placed on the vessel and a web application
  • Ease of use, thanks to its secure web interface, ergonomic and accessible anywhere from the internet
For mines, transport companies, construction, industrial, individual with a tank for the generator,
  • Continuous monitoring of the fuel level in GSM Service offering through a secure inventory management
  • Secure access to data via Internet
  • Management of low-level alert threshold
  • Multi-vessel, multi-site management
  • Your list
  • Check of tank levels via a secure Internet platform (no software required) and available 24h / 24 & 7/7
  • Consumption management and delivery optimization
  • Management of low levels when the tank requires refueling (email alert)
  • Statistics Management by area, by groups, by standards, etc …

Have a consolidated view of your tank park (multi-product, multicompartment) efficiently and economically via a secure web page. Accessible 24h/7
Manage your product inventory and your deliveries with thresholds.imagesCAPBXYA0
Effortlessly detect any abnormal consumption of the product in your customers (email & sms alert).
Generate statistics by site, by region, by product for the periods of your choice.

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