Offices, parking, warehouses, commercial premises All your company locations are not intended to welcome the same public. Establish a badge access control system that filters the in and out and thus provide more security for your business.

In determining which of your employees, suppliers or visitors can access the different areas of the business, you control the comings and goings automatically.

The controls:
The card reader
The digital code
The biometric reader
The management tools:
The door controllers
The closing tools:
The electric strike
The electromagnet
The electronic lock
The cylinder or electronic handle

Specialist in electrical installations for corporate security, CamTrack can accompany you in installing a card access control system.

imagesCADA0F75The first step is to install a magnetic card reader and electric locks on every door. Then to filter access to your liking, CamTrack will define the procedures for access. Each person typology, even each staff member will receive a personalized access.


CamTrack provides tools to generate customized reports summarizing all of the in and out necessary to ensure traceability.

This technology keeps you constantly informed of human flows within your company and limit access to authorized personnel.

imagesCABDDYPJIntegrating a stand-alone access control system lets you assign selective permissions, covering both places as time slots.

You can, for example, grant the right to move in all buildings to certain employees, but only during working hours. Thus, access will be impossible in the evening or on weekends. Others will be limited to the site where they are to perform their work.

Access control is also a relevant safety system to screen your visitors.

One of the key applications is access control to the parking lot by installing a safety barrier. Without any badge, it becomes impossible for anyone to come and park your car.

Beyond safety, the integration of an access system is also a great time management tool.

By understanding the movements of everybody, it becomes easy to account each person individual working time.

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